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Malware Reverse Engineering

Resolution1 Security Professional Services is able to give you actionable intelligence around a malicious binary faster than any other service provider, because of our Cerberus Malware analysis technology.

Initial analysis with Cerberus will give you immediate actionable intelligence.

Cerberus Stage One: Static Analysis

The following first-level analysis is conducted to quickly tally threat scores.

Stage Two: Disassembly And Emulation Without The Sandbox

Stage two involves more complex disassembly analysis to give you more detailed behavioral information. This simulation and data flow analysis is possible without running binaries in a sandbox, and there is no reliance on white lists or signatures.

Basic Disassembly Analysis:

Advanced Disassembly Analysis:

Traditional Reverse Engineering of Malicious Binaries

Once we’ve given you the above detailed behavior and intent information that comes from our malware triage technology and correlation of that data with host and network information, we will run the binary in a controlled sandbox environment. We perform traditional behavioral, static and dynamic analysis. We can unpack the binary if necessary, while employing best practice methods to bypass the malware’s defense mechanisms. A detailed report will enumerate all possible data that can be gleaned, and we will work with you to develop a remediation plan and to incorporate that threat profile into your monitoring process to catch any recurrence of the exploit.

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