Resolution1 Security

Resolution1 Platform

Resolution1 Platform

Whether you’re protecting critical assets from attackers, seeking to resolve an incident in real-time, or collecting evidence to pursue legal action – we’ve got you covered.


Find evidence and protect your assets no matter where it resides within your organization.
Resolution1 makes this possible.

Automated Processes

Eliminate the hassle, stress and risk associated with manual processes, redundant systems, and gaps in your security or legal workflows.

Centralized Hub

Single, consolidated platform provides visibility and real-time collaboration for security and legal teams to address any security incident or legal matter.

One Agent, One Platform

Improve efficiency through automated processes and worfklows, and out-of-the-box integrations with existing security and legal solutions. Reduce agent fatigue.

Look Anywhere

Collect evidence and track down attackers no matter where it exists in your infrastructure - laptops, desktops, mobile; on or off the network.