Resolution1 Security

Resolution1 Cybersecurity

Resolution1 Cybersecurity

Resolution1 integrates network, endpoint and malware analysis, threat intelligence and remediation capabilities into a single solution that doesn’t just deliver rapid detection and response; it delivers Continuous Automated Incident Resolution (CAIR™).


Find evidence and protect your assets no matter where it resides within your organization.
Resolution1 makes this possible.

Find All Compromised Systems

Search for and identify all compromised systems - endpoint, network, and mobile.

Validate Alerts and Correlate Threat Intelligence

Validate alerts in near real-time and receive the intelligence required to quickly confirm and prioritize true threats.

Automate Manual Processes

Reduce the time it takes to identify and resolve critical security incidents and to free up valuable resources to focus on more business critical tasks.

Quantify Key Incident Related Metrics

Track and report against key incident related metrics such as Mean Time to Validate (MTV) and Mean Time to Resolve (MTR) in order to measure progress, reaction time, performance, and ultimately success.