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SilentRunner® Sentinel

SilentRunner® Sentinel

SilentRunner® Sentinel enhances incident detection and response capabilities, giving your organization the power to see what signature-based tools cannot.


See everything.

Successful organizations rely heavily on the security and availability of their networks. As security breaches become the norm, organizations are under increasing pressure to comply with new regulations and internal policies as well as ensure that they have the best possible solution in place to build network usage intelligence, identify suspicious patterns and expose weaknesses and anomalies. 

SilentRunner Sentinel enables organizations to monitor, capture, analyze and graphically visualize network traffic to see exactly what is happening on the network during a proactive audit or cyber investigation. With the ability to identify and correlate relationships between users, resources, applications and data, organizations will be able to effectively pinpoint suspicious activity such as policy violations, internal collusion, bandwidth overuse, and questionable in- or outbound connections.

In addition, organizations will be able to clearly determine the scope and scale of a security breach, proactively identify weaknesses in security configuration and play back events from thousands of communications to validate threats and perform root cause analysis.

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