Resolution1 Security

E-Discovery Solution Overview

E-Discovery Solution Overview

Built on the same battle tested and highly regarded FTK forensic processing core, the process of e-discovery with Resolution1 is an integrated approach with modular components that never lock a user into a single solution.


Find evidence and protect your assets no matter where it resides within your organization.
Resolution1 makes this possible.

Fast, Robust and Intuitive

With robust easy-to-use features, data can be collected, searched, tagged and reviewed quickly and accurately with every person involved in the e-discovery process able to utilize the same solution to seamlessly perform his or her tasks.

Introduce Processing Proficiency

With the industry's most advanced ESI processing engine, users can handle the largest and most complex data sets in-house. Process 700+ data types (including PSTs/NSFs) while maintaining detailed chain-of-custody reports.

Easily Understand Big Data

Perform full or targeted collections (on or off network) from every possible source including workstations, laptops, network shares, email servers, databases and 30+ structured data repositories and web sources.

Reduce Operating Expenses and Improve Efficiency

Enjoy measurable savings with regards to human resources, processing, hosting, storage reduction and attorney review fees. Customers have recuperated the cost of Resolution1 eDiscovery in as little as 45 days.